View Full Version : Found black labrador

mop top
01-Sep-11, 12:52
Found in Bignold park area of wick a lovely friendly female black labrador, she has no collar or id tag but the most amazing painted shocking pink toenails![lol]

If you have lost her or know where she may have come from please contact tec services on 01955 607735.

cheers anne

mop top
01-Sep-11, 18:26
Tilly has been reunited with her owners

01-Sep-11, 19:17
Good news! :) Maybe she had gone out for a manicure? ;)

mop top
01-Sep-11, 21:25
Must admit she is the first one i have seen with pink toenails! she certainly made me smile and brightened up the day[lol]

01-Sep-11, 22:20
Good news! :) Maybe she had gone out for a manicure? ;)

Liz, I thought that would have been a Pedicure [lol]

02-Sep-11, 03:41
I must admit to LOL at this thread! The idea of a girly Lab out strutting her stuff in Wick just made me laugh. Mind you, our wee Westie and me make a quick exit as soon as OH starts with that smelly stuff!