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05-Oct-06, 10:45
Went shopping on tuesday and went into the gift shop just down beside the music shack(?) and they have the mos amazing candles upstairs!
i have forgotten the name of the shop but we bought two candles as xmas presents. one is pink with hand painted flowers and swarovski crystals, the other one white with more swarovski crystals.

sorry if someone has posted about this before.
oh btw there are alot of steps so not good if you have mobilty problems

05-Oct-06, 11:37
Can you remember how much the candles were? They got some lovely stuff in there.

05-Oct-06, 11:42
I went into that shop once but there was nothing in it. never went back. I must go have a look.
Have you tried the candles from Aurora they are better than yankie ones.

05-Oct-06, 11:51
the candles were about 6-7 (the ones we bought, they had differnt sizes)

the woman in the shop said as if we did burn them they are made of a harder wax so will take longer to burn.

They also had traditional hand made candles as well

05-Oct-06, 11:53
I think its called The Gift Box. :)

Mr P Cannop
05-Oct-06, 12:18
is this in Thurso or Wick ??

05-Oct-06, 12:25
Thurso - above R&M Hairstylists

Mr P Cannop
05-Oct-06, 12:29
ok thanks.....

05-Oct-06, 13:31
Can't recommend this place enough for an unusual gift. Apart from the candles they have lovely glassware on the top floor.:)

05-Oct-06, 13:39
I like this shop very much i have a mirror from there, its frame is driftwood and sea shells, quite unusual.