View Full Version : New Sutherland and Wester Ross branch of Cats Protection

30-Aug-11, 23:13
Im posting this as I know the org is read by people beyond Caithness itself. I am looking for cat lovers in Sutherland and Wester Ross who would be interested in starting a new volunteer branch of Cats Protection. There is already an excellent branch in Caithness itself, but the huge area to our west and south does not currently have a dedicated branch, although volunteers from the surrounding areas do their best to help needy cats in Sutherland and Wester Ross if required. If you are interested pm me for more details.
I will also post this on the volunteering forum.

31-Aug-11, 01:04
That would be fantastic, I have been looking for a Sutherland branch this past week and realised there was no such thing! I would probably be interested in fundraising/fostering if needed. My only problem is, I don't drive.

31-Aug-11, 13:19
What a great idea!

I was involved for a long time with the Caithness branch and know the wonderful work which is done. Good luck! :)