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17-Nov-04, 15:26
Does anyone on here remember Snow Patrol playing in Skinandis :)

18-Nov-04, 03:43
THEY played in Skinns? No way - you're kidding, right?


19-Nov-04, 12:11
They were ok best bit is when they trashed their gear

They couldnae do that right!!!!!!!!! and they slagged the wee crowd off it was childish but funny

There was around 50 folk there maybe a wee bit more towards the end of their set shouting fir Shania Twain to be put on the disco which Frantic Frederick did with ease

Not much has changed though SP probably remember it as a bad night in a dump

The promoter said Skinandrews was the worst venue he had the misfortune to encounter

ho hum happy days

19-Nov-04, 14:55
Yes seem to remember going to see them there as well mate thought there were less than 50 there good band.Started the thread because no one believed me they actually played there :)
Also Astrid and Supernaturals played there :cool:

19-Nov-04, 18:55
Yip, they played twice if I remember right, both on Thursday nights. They were promoted by the same guy that took up the supernaturals and astrid (twice also). He used to own the seaforth in ullapool.....

20-Nov-04, 07:14
And Goodbye Mr McKenzie :cool:

Any way Ullevi, away back to CE ;)

21-Nov-04, 18:28
On my way back to CE mate is that you Kw14 :confused :D