View Full Version : Missing Cat

25-Aug-11, 14:19
Daisyboo has been missing from her home in Kennedy Terrace for 2 days now, which is very unlike her as she's a home bird & always in by bedtime. Daisyboo is 3 years old, she's black, ginger & white, mainly black but has a distinctive white bib & ginger streaks going through her coat. She's friendly but quite shy around strangers, if you've seen her please get in contact with Evelyn on 07717526377. We would very much like our girl home. Daisyboo is dressed but not microchipped. Thank You.

28-Aug-11, 19:10
Daisyboo has returned home safe & well, very wet & covered in sticky willows but all in all she's fine safe to say shes grounded though :)

29-Aug-11, 10:18
Aww, I'm glad you found her! My cat has done this several times to me - once he did left for about 3 days and only came home the night before we moved to caithness! Well done for getting her back though :)

29-Aug-11, 13:20
Really glad that Daisyboo is home! :)