View Full Version : limited opening hours for next 2 weeks

25-Aug-11, 03:52
Hi guys,
the shop is going to have limited opening hours for the next two weeks as we are having to make an emergency trip back to the states.
Im sorry for any inconvenience. please feel free to give a call in to make sure the shop is open on 602322
hopefully, things will be back to normal but this could not be helped.
thank you for all your support and understanding!

25-Aug-11, 13:28
Hope everything is ok Brandy. Its not easy juggling business & home life, things crop up & people will understand x

29-Aug-11, 23:07
hi just to let you know i will have the shop open until about four or half past tomorrow and same again wednesday and hopefully thursday.

30-Aug-11, 00:00
brandy, i'm sending you much love and hugs.
make the very most of your precious time together,
the shop, im sure, will still be standing on your return.
some things are so much more important xx