View Full Version : please help me find the cats owners

L200 JDB
24-Aug-11, 11:15
http://forum.caithness.org/images/icons/icon1.png must find owner of black and white cat hit by car last night
hi <BR>i am looking for the owner of a black and white cat in the milton area?<BR>the cat maybe a pet or a fram cat but none the less i must find the owner to say how sorry i am.. but there was nothing i could do..<BR>the cat was hit at 11 o,clock last night and i have a funny feeling his freind was hit too.. <BR>so if anyone on here knows whos cat it was please pm me as i really need to say sorry to their face..<BR>i hope someone can help me <BR>thank you so much for reading this <BR>zoe paul <BR>