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23-Aug-11, 22:05
Got any CDs that just wont work anymore?
Got any DVDs that are scratched to bits?
Got any console discs that you cant play?

Well let me fix them for you! With my professional service your disc will become like new.

Many people like myself just throw away a disc that the kids have scratched. If you do that your kids arent happy and neither is your wallet if you have to buy it again.

Games are a lot more expensive than DVDs so when these are scratched it hurts your wallet even more.

What about if you want to sell your Games or DVDs? What do you put in the discription on ebay etc, 'A few scratches but works'? With my disc repair service your disc will be like new and you could put 'NO scratches - as new!'.

The price for repairing a disc will be only 2. If you want a quote for more than 10 disc I can give a discount.

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23-Aug-11, 22:43
I have two important cassettes where the tape has cut, can you fix that?

24-Aug-11, 09:59
Hi Fran

Yes I am able to fix cassettes. I would need to inspect it first though. PM me to arrange for me to pick it up.