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22-Aug-11, 21:33
I'm just back from Reiss beech and the midges are at it big style.:(

We have a number of different remedies and contraptions in our shop to help keep the little beasties at bay and would be delighted to thin them out.:Razz

22-Aug-11, 22:03
Far North Soap make Midge repellent Goats Milk Soap and Midge repellent Goats Milk body butter, both will be available tomorrow at the Mey Market :)

Sold out of our Midge repellent Goats Milk Body Butter at the Mey Games, most of it went to Northern Constabulary.

Far North Soap
22-Aug-11, 22:19
We certainly do, a top seller just now with all the midges about ;)

23-Aug-11, 09:36
midges in caithness are not that bad i haven't need any repellant in the 3 years Ive been here

23-Aug-11, 21:41
midges in caithness are not that bad i haven't need any repellant in the 3 years Ive been here

not sure what to say to you AliciaMackinnon

perhaps you stay inside at the right times

or maybe you dont get them in Thurso ????

We get them here in East Mey when there is no wind, which luckly is rare :)


23-Aug-11, 22:22
I bought my Mum and Dad a midgie eater to combat the evil little beasties at their house.....but if they dont use it.....it will be coming home with me to combat those evil little beasties at ours before getting returned to them!
The more its used the less midgies there are to bite/kill the next year!

23-Aug-11, 22:37
Avon body lotion ...its in a green bottle..... and sold at hugo ross fishing shop...is the best remedy, they wont come near you.

23-Aug-11, 22:44
They still get me through liberal applications of avon skin so soft!
And I come out in big lumps.....:mad:
SAo anything that decimates the nos is great!

Beat Bug
23-Aug-11, 22:56
[QUOTE=Dadie;881193]They still get me through liberal applications of avon skin so soft!
And I come out in big lumps.....:mad: QUOTE]

I use citronella oil, applied before going into the garden. Together with an antihistimine tablet every night, it seems to work. But if a rogue midge happens to find a bit of skin I've missed, I too come out in great big lumps. But hubby doesn't get bitten at all! I've heard they don't go for certin blood groups. Maybe they're mainly attracted to O positive!

24-Aug-11, 09:34
go to fishing taxle shops and ask for a bottle of the stuff with deet in it this stuff will melt plastic but ok to spray on ur skin and when i was in ullapool where midges are thick i could walk right throu them .....it usually comes in a small white sprat bottle and the stronger the better....

25-Aug-11, 21:04
Have started to use a stuff called Tabard, contains deet - put it on a wee while before going out and do not get bothered at all.

Have a midge eater which is fine for house area but when out and about dog walking definitely will not go without Tabard if I see one midgie hanging around.
Got a supply of it when getting midge eater serviced in Stirling, had not seen it before but thought I would try it, going back for some more next month.

26-Aug-11, 12:07
most of it went to Northern Constabulary.

i hope they paid for it out of there own wages!!!

i can't see the police being out in the places where the midges are enough to warrant spending tax payers money on midgey cream! midges aren't causing them not to do their job either! they are covered pretty much from head to toe anyway and if they are getting bothered by midges i'm sure they could afford to buy it themselves, i haven't heard of any other employees getting supplied with midge cream

stupid purchases like this the full length of the country is exactly why we are in the state we are in today

stupid things like this


and this


and a million other things i cant be bothered to post up lol its ridiculous especially the 100,000 to change the colour of their shirts

26-Aug-11, 14:16
I have had midgie cream and suntan lotion supplied at work when on outside jobs.
So its not just the police that can get it issued.