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21-Aug-11, 21:26
Hi folks,

Apart from doing PCs and laptop repairs I've also recently been doing some investigation on the importing of Mobile Phones and Tablet PCs directly from manufacturers in China. I've just opened an account with a company that specialises in some of the cheaper alternative products to the more mainstream iPhones, HTC etc. They also supply a growing range of other household items.

All these products have very similar styling to the more popular products but are sold at a much reduced price.

Do they claim to be of the same quality? No. But they are a genuine, budget alternative, allowing those of us who don't have 400(!) to spend on a phone to enjoy the latest technology and convenience of smartphones and Tablet PCs.

You can check out my latest deals on ebay. Here's a couple of examples:



Further discount given to Orgers! ;)

Thanks for looking