View Full Version : youtube.com help!!!!

03-Oct-06, 16:13
hey everyone:) im on www.youtube.com (http://www.youtube.com) watchin a few videos,how do i download the video onto my computer as i dont want to keep goin onto the website to look at a cuple of videos i want to show people,plus i want to stick a cuple of them onto a svcd iam making,any suggestions on how to get the video's saved to my pc welcome cheers;)

03-Oct-06, 16:35
Use this (http://premium1.uploadit.org/Tru2004//youtubegrabber.rar), very easy.

03-Oct-06, 16:48
ok i have installed it onto my pc,and double clickd the youtube icon! do i type the url in grab and thats it on my pc,just want to confirm before i actually do it,thanx for the help.

03-Oct-06, 16:58
ijust tried it,cheers very much:D