View Full Version : Puppy classes?

20-Aug-11, 19:20
Just wondering if anyone knows of any puppy training classes in the Thurso or Wick area?!?! Thanks x

21-Aug-11, 18:01
Caithness Canine Club holds classes on a Tuesday night in the Assembly Rooms. I believe the puppy class starts on the 30th August at 7pm but I'm sure anyone else out there that knows will correct me! I need to check as I'm taking my own pup the the class and I can't recommend them highly enough.

21-Aug-11, 20:21
Thanks crustyroll, i will have a look into that aswell!!! X

24-Aug-11, 05:04
Check out this site hope it helps you to find the right place to train your puppy ! I found it in Google search thought to share with you


24-Aug-11, 22:44
my pups have both gone to David Ashpool at Mey, recommended by a friend and a very well qualified professional. He taught me so much about my dogs I was well pleased.