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19-Aug-11, 22:59
putting on here to reach a wider audience so please don't put to pets corner.

My daughter and friends have brought home a labrador tonight as they nearly knocked it down as it was running around Ormlie Road/Castlegreen Road junction. The dog was soaking wet and very hungry so looks like it might have been on the loose for a while

I have it here for now however having 3 dogs of my own can't keep it indefinately

Tel 896200 before midnight or in the morning if its yours or you know who's it is

19-Aug-11, 23:28
putting on here to reach a wider audience so please don't put to pets corner.

Do you feel that part wasnt read at all?!

Hope doggy is home soon!

19-Aug-11, 23:40
So do I, probably won't even be read by the majority of members now!

photo of dog (https://fbcdn-photos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/297671_10150264037898263_754753262_7661084_5974524 _s.jpg)

19-Aug-11, 23:44
Och for goodness sake why did they have to move your post? Mind you at least your thread title is still there.

Bless you for taking this lovely dog in Julie and hope you find the owner soon. :)

Anne x
20-Aug-11, 00:10
Dragonfly this Doggie made me come back to the org after 18 -24 months please someone must know something about it

20-Aug-11, 00:13
You've been missed Anne x, as have a lot of other posters who we never see anything of nowadays

20-Aug-11, 08:51
Doggie (or Chimmy as she has been named!) had a very settled night with my dogs, no mess or destruction and no noise from her. Surely someone must be missing her this morning? She's lovely, very friendly, very gentle, about to take them out a walk so will see how she is then with my 3 going mental!

20-Aug-11, 11:16
The dog has been reunited with its owner who sadly had no idea it was missing from at least 10:30 last night until after 09:30 this morning, which I personally find strange.

The dog goes walkabout quite frequently so would like to suggest that if the owner or any of the family are reading this they put a collar and name tag on the dog and maybe even get it chipped? Seems a sensible thing to do when your dog is an escape artist

20-Aug-11, 13:17
Glad the dog has been reunited.
But I cant understand how anyone does not know where there dog is.
Maybe its because i'm so soft with mine, they are by my side 24/7

20-Aug-11, 13:29
I've been told that the owners are on holiday and that someone is going round to feed etc it would have been simple if the dog had on a collar and name tag

just to clarify someone is at home with the dogs all the time but was out when this dog escaped

20-Aug-11, 14:14
closing thread as dog now safely indoors getting cuddles!