View Full Version : Bargain Time Again

Mrs Sweetie
18-Aug-11, 16:03
at Meiklejohns, 5 Thurso Street, Wick :

any 2 Coca Cola/diet Coke 500ml bottles 1.50

any 2 Ribena 500ml bottles 1.50 (flavours as stocked)

Irn Bru/sugar free Irn Bru 500ml bottles and cans 69p

any 3 Hula Hoops standard packs 1 (flavours as stocked)

Walkers crisps multi pack of 18 1.99

Relentless cans 1 (flavours as stocked)

Monster cans 1 (flavours as stocked)

Small Red Bull cans (original and sugar free) 1

Haribo 160g bags BOGOF @ 1.20 (varieties as stocked including the limited edition Smurfs)

Guzzle Puzzle 50p a bag (a new jelly sweetie)

Any 3 polos 1

Any 3 Mars, Twix & Snickers standard bars 1

Milk shakes any 4 cartons or 2 bottles 1.

Great prices for stocking up for your piece box or a tele night. Some offers are just while stocks last, others are for the next 4 weeks.

18-Aug-11, 17:00
That sounds great prices Mrs Sweetie, do those bargains come from a locally based wholesalers?

Mrs Sweetie
18-Aug-11, 17:54
The wholesalers are nationwide and it's a promotion that has been passed out to selected retailers. We have posters and leaflets in the shop. Some of the items are just stock with darned good prices! :)