View Full Version : Builder's timetables....

02-Oct-06, 21:52
6 weeks until we have to be out of the house and the new build seems to still need an awful lot doing...anyone had a house built on time??? Or if late, how late???

03-Oct-06, 12:25
Golden rule to remember with builders - allow for double the time and double the cost, then maybe (with a bit of luck) you won't be disappointed. That's not just from personal experience - look at all those refurbishing programmes on tv. They always go over time and over budget, sad fact of life.

03-Oct-06, 13:23
I blame all those Spanish Holidays - folk go off there and come back with so much Manana Manana that eventually that becomes acceptable in many walks of life.

03-Oct-06, 17:47
Where ye getting a house built orkneylass ? Wick or Thurso?

04-Oct-06, 20:36
Orkney actually!