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17-Aug-11, 15:58
Does anyone know if there is anywhere or someone that clothing alterations.. Many Thanks

17-Aug-11, 16:19
Isn't there a lady in Elizabeth's that does alterations?

01847 896497

Alice in Blunderland
17-Aug-11, 17:14
You could contact Saveman on the org.

Clothing Alterations
01955 621384

This is the number in his signature :D

17-Aug-11, 17:48
think the reel thing in wick do them x

18-Aug-11, 14:12
Gail is the lady in Elizabeths who does alterations. She is very good, and always busy.

22-Aug-11, 16:38
Thank You fairy much everyone for your help, mucho appreciated..

22-Aug-11, 17:51
It's my wife that does them.....you can contact Amanda on 01955 621384 or 07706 725911

23-Aug-11, 23:35
Definitely try Gail if your in thurso,she'll ask you if you need it back in a hurry and get it back to you even if she is busy,which she always is.plus she's quite cheap

26-Aug-11, 08:28
Does anyone know what days Gail accepts alterations? I know its only certain days so dont want to go in only to find out its the wrong day x

26-Aug-11, 10:08
Amanda on 01955 621384 or 07706 725911. She did mine, she did a great job, very good. She's currently taking up my curtain hem for me too!