View Full Version : 70s & 80s Disco

02-Oct-06, 19:00
70s & 80s Disco in Thurso Royal British Legion

This Saturday 7th October 8:30pm Onwards

Music By RGs Disco

All Welcome

Fundraiser for Thurso Beyond 2000

Mr P Cannop
02-Oct-06, 19:10
do you need any help ??

02-Oct-06, 19:58
We all need help Mr Cannop... some more than others :lol:

02-Oct-06, 20:18
My first reaction was "Crikey I can't imagine folk at 70 or 80 taking part in a Disco" !!!

Mr P Cannop
02-Oct-06, 21:15
is there kids at this ??

Mr P Cannop
02-Oct-06, 21:17
is Thurso Beyond 2000 doing this disco ??

03-Oct-06, 18:02
Its for 18 years & Over

70 & 80 year olds would be welcome - - -or 70 80 year olds!

Bit like the School Disco Revival nights that used to be run in legion & Royal