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02-Oct-06, 16:44
LOVE - needs freedom, particularly freedom of choice - no choice - no LOVE - no experience, leaving rather more a primitive structure where emotion is not soft gentle warm caring, but a pendulum swing between hot temper and basic unfulfilled needs.

Without that freedom, LOVE cannot be experienced, rather like a Monk in a Monastery or a Nun in a Convent.

LOVE - Material for writers, a 'sickness that afflicts many to the point of distraction', an excuse for jealousy and greed; a breeding ground for irrational behaviour; quicksands eager to swallow up the besotted; an abstract with as much depth as the imagination will extend to; a tool exerted by some to gain power over others; a catalyst effecting emotional and behavioural changes in all who it smites; a cartoon scenario; a marketing ploy for commercial interests ( Valentine cards ); an elixir of Life and an opiate; a magnet or a divisive weapon; a basic instinct or a matured infatuation; diverse in application simple in essence; unique, fundamental, possibly humorous often
sad; basic yet sometimes incomprehensible; joy and sorrow; never static ever changing - tidal, never stagnant though possibly dormant like a tiny spark waiting to be a conflagration; a tree from seed to maturity, with many roots and branches, only growing when nurtured; an inescapable aspect of life, a precious gift for some, an oasis in the desert of hate and bitterness, a salve
for those who know it.

02-Oct-06, 17:11
You could almost post this in a religion thread and call it Religion.:lol:

02-Oct-06, 17:23
You could almost post this in a religion thread and call it Religion.:lol:

"I love it when you talk dirty" :lol: