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02-Oct-06, 15:34

While stretched out on the sofa the other night, after a day of activity, the sounds of conversation still ringing in my ears, I experienced the feeling of anti-climax which must be common to many of us that live on our own, yet obviously need company to varying degrees.

I looked around the room and saw my usual mess, staring at me, waiting for the Magic Wand to clear it up. It reminded me how deep the dust was getting - which accounts for my cough (which could have nothing to do with smoking!). I was also conscious of the need for some sort of supper, but while disinclined to stir, the thought passed on its way undisturbed.
'So what shall I do then'? I asked, and waited for an answer. The number I had dialled was obviously busy, for I had no reply. I tried again, same result. Wining my fevered brow, I tried for the third time and this time was connected to "The Thought Machine", (where else do ideas and notions come from?).

Across the ether came a message, which as I listened, seemed to have an odd catch to it, but I couldn't then figure it out. The question posed asked if I wanted to talk to someone, and with reflex speed I was about to say 'Yes', when I suddenly stopped, causing odd cogs and wheels 'upstairs' to crash into each other for a few moments (there aren't that many, I know!). Obviously I needed to think.

Thoughts, like dreams can appear to last a while, but generally take only a few seconds such being the speed at which things can happen within the 'little grey cells'. I thought and I thought (or so I think), but I could tell I was getting nowhere. (I didn't get where I am today by not knowing I was nowhere!)

This was getting depressing, so much so I -was on the verge of giving up the idea when an itch on my right ear bothered me (another 'little grey cell' abandoning ship?), and at that precise moment, I realised what I needed.
I needed someone to listen to.

(By that time though, the 'operator' had rung off!)