View Full Version : Winter visitors and migrants

02-Oct-06, 15:22
Lots of Pinkfeet Geese have been seen and heard flying over the county this last week.
I have heard of a flock of barnacle Geese flying past Noss Head a week ago, and 6 Whooper swans spotted on the east side of the county.

I have seen Long tailed ducks are back in Thurso bay, and also came across 5 Slovanian Grebes over the weekend.

Has anyone else seen any of our winter birds or migrants.
I am looing for the first Redwings and Fieldfares although no luck as of yet.

02-Oct-06, 20:13
well i wouldn't know one goose from another, but you may be able to tell me, what were the noisy ones going over my house the other day kas?

02-Oct-06, 21:43
More than likely Pinkfeet. Loads of them arriving from Iceland this week. Geese can be quite tricky, best way is to learn their different calls.

Look out for the swans, I remeber 6 up your way last winter, and they are quite easy to spot at a distance.

catherine nicol
13-Oct-06, 21:56
8 Whooper Swans in field at corner just across from council houses at Janetstown tonight.

~30 Greylag Geese just west of Bardnaclavan Farm, Westfield, Thurso.

100's of Lapwings, geese, ducks, starlings gathered on a waterlogged field behind the Bardnaclavan Farm outbuildings. It was fantastic watching the flocks performing in the air before landing a few at a time.

Haven't seen my first redwing or fieldfare yet though.

Nearly that time of year again when we saw our waxwings last year. Roll on Halloween !

Nothing exciting at Sandside today, one guilliemot in the bay close to the shore which I was worrying about after reading all the devasting news of puffins etc being found dead on our beaches.

Keep your news coming. IDs and locations so we can all get mobile and make sure we don't miss anything exciting.