View Full Version : advice needed on fish

14-Aug-11, 17:45
what are the best type of fish is the best to live with guppies? most people are saying mollies but im not a big lover of them as the have attacked my guppys before.

thanks for any help :)

14-Aug-11, 18:34
We have Danios and x-ray tetras in with ours and no problems.

14-Aug-11, 20:54
I wouldn't put them with mollies as they are livebearers too and will attack guppies, also wouldn't put Swordtails or Platies. Some tetras prob best bet i've had neons, rummy noses and phantoms with them. Some small catfish should work too i've had panda corys with them :)

24-Aug-11, 05:29
I guess for Armored catfish you need a big tank but they look awesome when they are in tank and also they need no not much care they can grow up at level !