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Clearview Windows
11-Aug-11, 20:27
Clearview Windows are delighted to announce that we can now offer a wider variety of services.


Removal of moss, linchen and fungal growth from roofs and other surfaces.

Pressure Washing:

We now offer professional services using high powered petrol machines for maximum cleaning power. Even the dirties driveways, footpaths and patios can be tackled.

Gutter Cleaning:

Blocked or dirty gutters can detract form the natural beauty of your home. Not only do we empty and unblock gutters, but we can clean them to a sparkling shine too.

Please contact us directly for a free estimate on any of our new or existing services.

Tel: 01847 891 625
Mobile: 07765 837 172

www.clearview-thurso.co.uk (http://www.clearview-thurso.co.uk)