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01-Oct-06, 19:25
This story is on the BBC website but i looked alittle further into it.

This guy was 18 when he went to Pakistan to vist family. He got a taxi and the taxi driver stopped and tried to assault him sexually and phisiclly. Taxi driver took out a pistol and in the scuffle the pistol went off and the taxi driver got shot (he later died of his injuries)

This boy drove the taxi to the nearest police station to hand in the pistol and to get help, but he was arrested, tried and found guilty of murder! he has been sentanced to death and has been on death row in Pakistan since.
I am so shocked and disgusted by this.
What do you think?

BBC new story:
The full story:

01-Oct-06, 19:31
Ooh my goodness. How can this kind of thing happen these days.
Gee whiz :(