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10-Aug-11, 11:08
We are having a summer clearance sale!!
half price on summer stock
we need to make room for the winter stock coming in
so come grab yourself a bargain ladies!
we also have some lovely dresses for nights out and weddings ...
and new stock just in

find us on bridge street wick...
maternity and plus sizes

13-Aug-11, 23:00
Oh brandy I need help in the boob dept...
I know you and Moira both did the measuring course and are good at fitting but im more confuddled fter being fitted at Marks n spencers than I was before going in..they have me fitting best in a 34DD which feels to slack in the back as its on the narrowest setting anyway and I still have the armpit boob thing going on....
Please fit me properly.
If the "experts" are so bad at fitting god help us mere mortals who are wearing the wrong sized bras to find a right fit!

14-Aug-11, 05:21
Dadie, Marks and Spencers are shocking at fitting service. I avoid them at all cost - I got measured in the one in Aberdeen and bought new underwear which fitted worse than what I already owned. Went to Debenhams in Inverness and was given a radically different size and boy what a difference! Bravissimo in Aberdeen were also superb. Not sure on how Brandy's do the fitting, but both Debenhams and Bravissimo do sizing on trying on underwear rather than using a tape measure - can never work out how you can be sized with a tape measure while packed into the wrong size bra!
Must make a trip through myself as I could do with getting re-measured after losing weight.
(M&S were 3 sizes out on rib size and 4 on the cup!!)

14-Aug-11, 07:49
they seriously put you into a 34? omg.. i told you i thought a 32 would be too big! i would almost want to put you into a 30.. but would have to try you in one to see how it fit you for comfort! what blankety blanks! *G* ok ive got a lady coming up next week i think to show me bras.. i will have a look at them with you in mind! and see what i can find.. just going to have to order in the smaller back sizes.. i hate a lady not being fit right!
my motto is we measure the bra to the lady.. and if i have the size available.. will keep working to we get the fit that is right for the individual lady and that is per bra.
anytime you get a bra if your not sure we will fit it!
arghhh that bugs me! saying that... i am new to this as well! but at least we ask the cust. what they feel and dont push them into something!

14-Aug-11, 21:04
Well I was pushed, pulled, squashed and the bra fitter tried to get me to fit the bra....rather than get the bra to fit me......I left the bra on the shelf.
So I will be straight round when you get the new bras in for good fitting undies.

17-Aug-11, 12:05
will let you know when i get new stock!