View Full Version : OUIZ on SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER at 8.30pm

01-Oct-06, 17:00
Hope you can all manage to come along. see you there.

02-Oct-06, 00:04
The winner of tonights quiz was bobinovich.

02-Oct-06, 03:14
Congratulations Bobinovich. Sorry I had to fly away at the end and missed the scores.

Foxy, it was a great quiz.

Everyone was nicely behaved tonight. I guess those long periods while AC was out of the room contributed to the relative calm.

02-Oct-06, 11:45
no worries canuck - theres always next week

02-Oct-06, 13:59
AC if all goes well, on Thursday I am getting my first golf game in for this year. A bucket of balls at the driving range this evening and I shall be good to go! 1893 forever!

02-Oct-06, 14:40
Best o luck Canuck - remember to keep a hold of the club when you swing

02-Oct-06, 16:17
Thanks AC. That is an excellent bit of trivia that would make a wonderful question for the quiz.