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09-Aug-11, 10:42
Hi, can anyone give me the phone number for the woman in Dunnett who fixes and cleans horse rugs? think she goes under the name of muddy rugs. Thanks.

09-Aug-11, 12:14
She's in Canisbay - Gill Shepherd. Details here:


11-Aug-11, 01:32
Muddy Rugs -Caithness-based horse rug laundry and repair service situated in Canisbay near John O'Groats. Phone me on 07920-746-486 or e-mail me at quoys.horselaundry@virgin.net for further details.

-Collect and return service by arrangement, to meet your needs
-Drop off point available at Hilltop Horses in Wick
-collection available from Thurso, most days
-Large selection of used rugs for loan or for sale....part exchange available too.

NO RUGS ARE BEYOND REPAIR OR YOUR POCKET.............call today and give your tired-looking rugs a face lift!!