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Escape Technologies
05-Aug-11, 11:04
Escape Business Technologies are one of the leading communication technology providers in the North East - delivering IT network & telecoms solutions and specialising in systems integration & support.

We provide managed IT services and support, either by working alongside your existing IT manager or supporting your business by ourselves. As an Escape client, you will also have unlimited access to our Technical Helpdesk and your IT systems will be proactively checked by our remote monitoring and management automation platform called N-Central.

The system is used worldwide by thousands of MSPs and IT service organizations to dramatically lower the costs of managing hundreds of thousands of IP-enabled devices. N-Central allows us to proactively monitor and manage a client’s whole IT network consisting of:
- Servers hardware and software
- PCs and laptops
- Backup hardware and software
- Antivirus software
- Storage area network
- Virtual Servers
- Printers

So, any device within your business that is connected with a wireless network or a network cable, will be picked up and monitored by our system. Then, if a problem occurs, it will be immediately detected by our system which allows our qualified engineers immediate access to the information they need, allowing repairs to be made instantly. Less time spent diagnosing and fixing the problem means less downtime for your business.

The key customer benefits to taking on a Managed Service Provider are;
· Peace of mind – monitor network on 24x7x365 basis proactively
· Single point of contact for all IT issues
· Single supplier instead of multiple vendors
· Defined Service Levels (for service delivery)
· Known costs for management & fixed price contracts
· Avoid costs of building own management & reporting systems
· Lower Total Cost Ownership (TCO) for client

Take the next step towards understanding how our services can enhance your own operation. The contact details below will enable you to produce your personalized value proposition, tailored specifically to your needs as a value add department and to your business as a whole.

Anthony Wicks
Network Operations Centre Manager
Escape Business Technologies

T3UK Main Building
Janetstown Industrial Estate
KW14 7XF

Telephone: 01847 638432
Email: Anthony.wicks@escape-tech.co.uk