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30-Sep-06, 15:59
For all those following the story of the 2 seal pups taken into care by the Thurso team of BDMLR medics.
Both grey seal pups have died.
The weakest died on Monday afternoon and the other Friday afternoon.
The pups really needed the mothers rich milk and anti bodies that come with it.
Unfortunatly Grey Seals dont make very good mothers, they only feed for 3 to 4 weeks then desert their pups.
So it takes very little interaction from people and dogs to scare them away for good.
Those pups were early, the main puping period is the latter end of October early November.
So i ask those that walk along the sea shore during this period to avoid secluded beaches and to be vigilent for seals before letting dogs off their lead.
If you do see a pup on a beach on it's own stay well away and let Paula know or pass the information to the BDMLR who will pass the information on to Paula and her team so they can evaluate the situation.

Remember, preventing a situation occuring is better then trying to put it right.
BDMLR 01825765546

Many Thanks

30-Sep-06, 16:36
Thats really very sad :(