View Full Version : border terrier lost in rumster forrest last night

04-Aug-11, 18:20
hi everyone
we have lost our border terrier, named poppy, in rumster forrest late yesterday evening.
poppy is black and tan and very friendly and lively, she is nearly 2 years old.
poppy has a heart condition and we are afraid that she may have had a heart attack whilst running around in the woods. we have been constantly back and fore all day, but cannot find her.
we hope that she may have made it out of the woods, but are also realistic that her heart condition may have gotten the better of her. either way we would like our minds put at rest, and this notice is to appeal to anyone who maybe walking in the woods or surrounding area to keep an eye out for her. the part of the forrest that she was last seen in is the first walk on the right hand side as you make towards the forrest from lybster, where the large metal container sits. please contact us by p.m. if you see or hear anything.

mop top
04-Aug-11, 18:39
I have pm'd you my phone number a dog of your description was found on the Achavanich road last night she is safe and well

04-Aug-11, 20:07
poppy now home safe and well, thanks to the lovely family who found her last night and took excellent care of her XXXXX

04-Aug-11, 20:59
Glad you have got her home, must be a huge relief :)

04-Aug-11, 21:29
Thats great news :)

05-Aug-11, 13:44
Happy ending thats fab

24-Aug-11, 06:29
That's a happy ending ! but please take care of it from the next time... I felt very scared when i read your post please do not repeat that and i hope it will even overcome from the heart problem !