View Full Version : Juggling club

04-Aug-11, 16:09
hey I am thinking about starting a juggling club and need to see if anyone in interested. it don't matter how old or young u are it will be for all ages and skill levels :) i use to go to a juggling club when i was in England so i do kinda know what i am doing and i miss it and have been asked to start my know so gonna give it a try :) it will not just be juggling,u can do whatever u like unicycleing,diablolo or even fire juggling and whip craking or just chill its up to u :) xx

04-Aug-11, 16:14
Sounds good - could learn chops at last! Didn't come from Hebden Bridge did you?

04-Aug-11, 16:27
nope milton keynes Juggle club :)

04-Aug-11, 16:29
yea i can show u how todo chops :) still hav to find a hall to hold it tho

12-Aug-11, 06:20
So when are you planning to start the Club ?