View Full Version : Charlie Bears

04-Aug-11, 10:00
Does anyone else collect these bears? I'm only asking out of interest as I have just started and have just received my first one - Oakley!
OMG he is just so amazingly gorgeous. I expected just a pumped up version of a store bear but he couldn't be any different! The quality is amazing and he's so lifelike! At forty odd quid I did think I was being extravagant but now I think it was bloomin cheap as he is so fabulous!
They are for the big kid in everyone!

So what CB do you have?

09-Aug-11, 08:43
I collect the herman and stieff bears , i have seen the Charlie Bears though and am tempted though they look soooo cute
i may treat myself

12-Aug-11, 06:17
I like to Collect the Teddy bears rather then the charlie.. Coz teddy are my all time favorite since my childhood ! :(