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02-Aug-11, 16:02
I would like to announce that my beautiful daughter Molly was born on saturday at 14:06, through emergancy C Section in wick, both mum and molly are doing well, and are now at home.

she was 51cm long, 3190 grams, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and healthy.

i would also like to thank the staff on the Henderson ward, they did a tremendous job and made every thing go smoothly, also i would like to thank the cleaners for their vigilance and dedication as the ward was immaculate, (apart from 1 spider.....lol)

thank you all for your help and devotion

richard, lizzie and baby molly

02-Aug-11, 20:55
Congratulations to you all on the addition of Molly to your family.

03-Aug-11, 15:23
thanks meg and dennis

( have you seen the house)