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29-Sep-06, 14:20
I was looking out today and saw this beautiful bird hovering, it was the size of a sparrow hawk, but on its outspan wings, it was mostly red and black tips on the end of the wings was this a red kite? i have looked at my birds but most seem to show a picture of the underside of the wings, can anyone help me out?

29-Sep-06, 18:40
I managed to get a few photos of this bird, maybe it was the way the sun was shining on it, maybe it was a sparrowhawk, what do you think?


29-Sep-06, 18:43

29-Sep-06, 18:59
Kestrel me reckons by the colouring, Red Kite is larger,darker and has a classic wedge shaped tail and not the fan of the bird you have pictured

29-Sep-06, 19:49
Thanks Lizz, the bird was teasing me all afternoon, i was running in and out the house trying to get a good pic, laterly i was hanging out the washing with the camera round my neck, just in case i missed a pic lol

catherine nicol
30-Sep-06, 09:07
I would agree with Lizz definately a Kestrel.

Great idea to keep the camera with you at all times coz you just never know what you will see and a photograph is great to capture the moment and you can refer back later and peruse your books to find out just what that bird was.