View Full Version : Excellent takings on gala's first day

25-Jul-11, 17:05
Wickers dig deep in their pockets

TAKINGS on the opening day of Wick gala, on Saturday, again topped the £7000 mark.
The final gross figure was £7,175 was marginally less than last year’s total but, given the current economic situation and the poor weather for the crowning ceremony, the gala committee, was well pleased.

Fancy dress walkers
Family groups-2012 Olympic parade; mixed groups-Crazy Clowns; junior pair-Royal Wedding; junior group-Mini-Osbournes; adult single-Lady Gaga; adult pair-Robots; adult group-box of chocolate fingers.

Leading Floats
Supreme award for best float - Bosum Buddies, Willy Wonka; most topical - Bremner & Co, King Arthur; maximum effort and best slogan - Martins, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding; most original - Bosum Buddies, Willy Wonka.

Junior dog show winners
Best puppy-Shaun Robertson; best senior dog- Robyn Aitkenhead; prettiest female- Emily Morrison; best male-Gemma and Kerry Sutherland; best cross breed-Ellie Robinson; best pedigree-Angus Hendry: best groomed-Adam Robertson; dog with waggiest tail-Phoebe Gunn; dog that judges would like to take home with them-Shane, a springer spaniel shown by Emma Atkins and best in show-Emily Morrison.