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28-Sep-06, 15:29

Anyone got any reccomendations for top quality web cameras?

I've been testing a Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision and it's great really great quality and the microphone is clear works easliy with msn BUT major drawback as soon as I loaded the software on 2 machines both started to continually crash with DR Watson errors which would bring the pc to it's knees. I managed to make a few changes and could get the pc running and now 5 days later she's totally stable but I am scepticle so I think I will exchange for a different kind. Logitech are aware of the issue as it's happening to loads of users on xp sp2 and are bringing out a fix but unwilling to say when. (Also note they are not advertising this problem on their website!!)
I'd advise no-one to load logitech software version 10 if your running xp just incase!!

28-Sep-06, 16:45
I use trust 320 spacecam with no problems at all.