View Full Version : greenland house

24-Jul-11, 12:55
new to castletown tearooms at greenland house serving teas-coffees-snacks we are open early till 8.30am.530pm its agreat place to visit is castletown lovely beach and walks so just looking to freshen up after a long jurney then call in

24-Jul-11, 15:00
Do you have wheelchair access to the tearooms. Always so disappointing in Caithness where so many buildings do not have access so don't go out a lot to avoid disappointment.

24-Jul-11, 17:47
we did & 2 other cars but you don't open until tomorrow

25-Jul-11, 08:36
as to wheelchair sorry its an old building and there is 2 steps very sorry we was hear and happy to help any one that comes looking forward today its a new start in life for me and the family looking forward to getting stuck in