View Full Version : Three mariners suspected of being over the limit during Tall Ships

23-Jul-11, 16:07
Police warn of tough action with offenders

POLICE have arrested three seamen suspected of being in charge of vessels while unfit through drink during the Tall Ships event and have issued a warning that they will take a tough line with any alleged offenders.
Action was taken by Shetland officers who will submit reports to the local procurator fiscal. They have reminded all masters and pilots of ships and professional seamen and women that it is an offence for any of them to be unfit through drink or drugs while unfit through drink or drugs.
The police say that The Tall Ships event has obviously brought with it an increase in marine traffic around the Lerwick Harbour. As such, it is "vitally important" that all those in charge of vessels are free from impairment to allow them to be able to respond to instructions from the Port Authority control, whose ultimate aim is to keep people safe whilst on the water.
A spokesman added: “Northern Constabulary will continue to deal robustly with those found to be over the prescribed limit and in charge of a vessel for the safety of all persons.”
Northern Constabulary subsequently made it clear that although the arest occurred during the Tall Ships event, none of those involved were participants.