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22-Jul-11, 20:03
Let's make it a great gala week, Wickers!

WICK’s biggest festival, gala week, gets underway tomorrow (Saturday) and promises to be one of the best yet.
Local talent gets an opportunity to strut their stuff at a mini-talent show at the Assembly Rooms at 10.30. Coffee will be served and the musical entertainment will be provided by the ever-popular Caithness Volunteers.
Highlight of the opening day, will be the crowning of gala Queen, Catherine-Ann Crawford, in the Market Square. Her entourage comprises Kimberly Lewis and Kirsty Mackay, attendants; court-Maya MacLeod, Lauryn Miller, Abby Munro and Aiva Harper; herald-Stuart Grant,
Guest speaker is Caithness General Hospital consultant, Tim Shallcross. The ceremony will be followed by the impressive procession of floats, led off by Wick RBLS Pipe Band.
(In the interests of safety, will youngsters please refrain from dodging in between the floats, to pick up coins. The drivers cannot see you and the last thing anyone would want, amid such a celebration, is an unfortunate, perhaps, serious accident)
The procession will end at the Assembly Rooms, for the all-important, prize-giving. It will include the winners of fancy dress walkers which will be judged earlier at 6pm, at the Riverside rose gardens.
The rejuvenated gala committee have put together an attractive blend of innovations and old favourites and, given favourable weather, the festival should be a winner. As always, the elements play a big part in the proceedings, and the forecast for tomorrow, is windy with an unseasonal temperature, so you might be well-advised to take precautions and bring a brolly and a mac along.
Forecasts are not always accurate, however, so here’s hoping they’ve got it wrong for tomorrow.
Support is crucial to the success of any gala week, not only from the public, during the many attractions, but the loyal and generous backing they receive from shopkeepers and traders who provide prizes, and other local firms who make transport and other essential facilities, available.