View Full Version : Keeping a bored horse entertained?

22-Jul-11, 16:09
Merlin has been prescribed 2 months of total rest (tendon problem :~() - the vet has said I can try keeping him in a very small section of field fenced off with electric tape, but if he's not sensible in it, it's going to have to be box rest which he will loathe.

He's got a Likit, which he ignores, he's quite fond of swedes on a rope hung from the ceiling but can demolish a half swede in 90 seconds and will give up on a full swede in 2 minutes if he hasn't got his teeth into it! If he has to be brought in, has anyone got any other suggestions of things to keep him entertained?

22-Jul-11, 18:22
Hi you could try Uncle Jimmys Hanging Balls, they come in various flavours and can last for a week to a month. Priced about 12 I think.

22-Jul-11, 18:53
Pop the swede in a doubled haynet - keeps it harder for them to get at it ;)

22-Jul-11, 20:04
Thanks both :) So far he's being sensible, fingers crossed he can stay out...

22-Jul-11, 22:41
We had a very scatty thouroughbred who had to have box rest owing to a tendon injury a few years ago and we found a mirror worked wonders in her stable. It seemed to provide her with the company she needed and she'd stand by it for ages chatting to it. Might help if you have to have him in.

23-Jul-11, 20:36
A roadwork cone--in the field or the stable