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27-Sep-06, 19:26
Myfanwy Among the Leaves
by Eleanor Farjeon.

Dying leaf and dead leaf,
Yellow leaf and red leaf
And white-backed beam,
Lay along the woodland road
As quiet as a dream.

Summer was over,
The year had lost her lover,
Spent with a grief
All along the woodland road
Leaf fell on leaf.

Then came a shuffling,
Such a happy ruffling
Of the dried sweet
Surf of leaves upon the road
Round a baby's feet.

Year-old leaf ran after
Three-year-old laughter,
Danced through the air
As she caught them from the road
And flung them anywhere.

Old leaf and cold leaf,
Brown leaf and gold leaf
And white-backed beam
Followed down the woodland road
Myfanwy in a dream.

27-Sep-06, 21:44
Trinkie - this is to me, rather special. I tried reading it with an attempt at a Welsh accent (not very successfully) and then conjured up the poem being read by Richard Burton. I needed to go no further.

27-Sep-06, 22:29
Not heard or read that verse for many a year. thank you for posting it trinkie.