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31-May-11, 11:01
Our very friendly, very large, black cat with white bib and white feet, has gone missing in the thrumster area since Saturday. :~( He is a cheeky rascal and does enjoy sleeping in cars and wendy/green houses and has been shut in these on previous occassions, please check your sheds/garages/outbuildings etc. We have also checked the roads........ but any sightings would be gratefully received...please text or call 07762185132

31-May-11, 18:46
9398Picture (i hope) of the very gorgeous 'Korky'who is missing...,

02-Jun-11, 12:49
Still missing.....

10-Jun-11, 07:56
nearly 2 weeks and still not be found...please please check any sheds, caravans, etc in the area
I have contacted Balmore and CPL with no luck..

13-Jun-11, 19:39
hope korky comes home soon, morgan is missing his playmate :(

26-Jun-11, 21:15
just to jog peoples memory, its 4 weeks and Korky has still not been found, we and Morgan, really miss him...

14-Jul-11, 22:15
:(Poor Korky has not yet be located after more than 7 weeks. Do you maybe know someone who has mentioned a black cat that has appeared recently? Please if you know anything at all that may relate to Korky, please please get in touch.
Seem to be a few missing black and white cats on the org just now..heres hoping they all return home safely

20-Jul-11, 16:52
I was really, really hoping that Korky had come home by now. We live at Hempriggs and Ive been keeping a eye out around the fields when walking the dog but only ever seen a large tabby with alot of white that dosent belong to anyone around here. Will still keep him in mind when walking around and about the fields.

21-Jul-11, 13:28
That is very kind of you, thank you very much for doing that, miss him sooo much..

21-Jul-11, 18:14
I am so very sorry that Korky hasn't turned up yet. :(

I hope with all of my heart that you find him safe and well soon. x

22-Jul-11, 13:55
Thank you Liz, Korky is such a loveable comical character, his presence is sorely missed..i'll keep looking..

22-Jul-11, 19:11
Och I know you must miss him so much. :(

You are quite right to keep looking as you should never give up hope with a cat. They've been known to turn up after a very long time away.

24-Aug-11, 07:03
Am gonna remember him in my prayers ! Hope he will back to his home as soon as possible ! :(