View Full Version : The lesser spotted Gleeber

21-Feb-02, 23:21
Hey me and HelenW were wondering where Gleeber is? Some may remember he was recently in Acapulco but he has not been seen lately. Rumour has it that he is heading up a band of international jewel thieves and is hiding out somewhere in Bolivia. All information posted here will be treated in the strictest confidence :grin: and only read by people on a need to know basis. There is a reward for information leading to the successful conclusion of this investigation

21-Feb-02, 23:56
na - the one in Bolivia is a decoy - try the Comm.

22-Feb-02, 01:21
I claim the reward. Thank you, :cool:

22-Feb-02, 04:46
I barely had my binoculars out of the case before the rare one appeared. Squidge, I'm glad you didnt have to beat the bushes much. -H