View Full Version : metal detecting

08-Jul-11, 09:26
my OH has just bought a metal detector and has spent quite a few hours testing it out in various peoples gardens etc. just wondered where he could go detecting without getting in trouble? anyone with any info or advice? thanks

08-Jul-11, 13:55
Lot of folk go detecting on beaches, car parks etc but ask any farmer and sure they will allow you to detect as long as you repair any holes you may make trying to find what has made it bleep

09-Jul-11, 08:31
that's kind of what we thought, we also presumed we wouldn't be allowed on historical sites such as castles etc. not quite sure about forests though? just don't want to get in trouble!

12-Aug-11, 06:30
Try them out in farms and get some help and try them even in Forests... who knows you may grab the Treasure of Robinwood !