View Full Version : Silver Darlings - NOT Recommended!

04-Nov-04, 18:34
My friend and i went to the silver darlings for lunch the other day and i must say it is one of the worst meals i've had in a long time.

For a start there was a poor selection on the menu, i ordered cod and parsley sauce. Now when i read cod and parsley sauce on a menu i expect it to be a fillet of cod with the parsley sauce on top, what did i get . . . . . . . two measly bits of cod done in batter!!

Once the cod arrived at the table the waiter then asked me if i wanted parsley sauce - doh! isn't that what i ordered, i got the sauce about 5 minutes later by which time the rest of the food on my plate had cooled down :~(

As for the sauce it tasted like the colmans stuff you get in a packet, the veg looked like it'd been reheated more than once and the tatties were pretty scabby too.

Was a right disappointment compared to what the food used to be like - the smoked fish with prawns in a creamy sauce used to be magic. Least now i know why the place is always so empty when i pass.

Think i'll be trying the Smiddy Inn at Thrumster or the Portlands as i've heard really good reports about both these places recently.

05-Nov-04, 09:33
Since the new management came in at beginning of the year i think the place has seriously gone down hill with his ideas regarding the catering, and since kevin left i havent been back and nor would i go back and waste my money in there

05-Nov-04, 13:09
Where is Silver Darlings?

05-Nov-04, 13:30
its the bar/restaurant place at the waterfront

05-Nov-04, 13:36
Ah right, thanks.

14-Nov-04, 19:23
Myself and my two mates had lunch there today - a new chef has just started our food was absolutely beautiful a good feed, fresh and piping hot we all gave it 10 out of 10 and most certainly will be back in the very near future. We would recommend if you like good food go there.

27-Nov-04, 19:42
Yeah, Theres nuthin rong with the food there

28-Nov-04, 03:34
Did you complain to the management at the time?

A lot of people donít like complaining if they think they're getting a rum deal. (Dont want to cause a scene)
But its in their interests to do so.

More often then not I have found any complaints Iíve had of ďpoor serviceĒ redressed there and then. Iím not speaking of the Silver darlings but of the industry as a whole.

Speak up.. We all deserve the proper service we pay for