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30-Jun-11, 17:21
Noel puts his heart
(and chest)into test

VICE-CHAIRMAN of the Caithness Chest and Heart Support Group, Noel
Donaldson, found himself hoisted by his own petard when it came to
arranging the photo for their latest hand-over of medical equipment, at
the Castletown GP practice.
Always keen to achieve as natural a picture as possible, org correspondent Noel
called for a volunteer to pose with the heart monitor in action. There were
no takers, probably because the monitor has to be pressed on the bare chest
next the heart and my colleagues were all female.
Noel said: “I was tried to rule myself out, as I was taking the photo,
but “obliging” GP Dr Herc Robinson stepped into the breach and said he
would do the honours with the camera, as he was also a keen amateur
There was nothing else for it, but to strip off my T-shirt, amid a
flurry of cracks about ending up on page three of the Groat, the
Courier or, the Sun.”
Noel was philosophical about it and quipped: “I suppose it’s chest
what you have to do in a good cause, and our group does have
‘chest’ in its title.”
On a serious note, the heart monitor will mean that each of the
Castletown and Canisbay practices will have a hand-held machine which
allows a patient to monitor his or her heart, at home."

Footnote: For technical reasons I am unable to bring you the photo at
the moment, but maybe it’s just as well. Watch this space, though...