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23-Sep-06, 19:25
What not to do on a seal pupping beach.
Caithness beach today.
Asked to move away but only did so after getting her picture.
To be fair most people in this pic were not aware of the seal pup being there.
No warning signs put up, although the pups presence was published in the local paper

23-Sep-06, 19:34
Let your dog run free barking at seals in the surf.
They did take the dog under control after i spoke to them about the seal pup.
Camp on the beach, after you have been told that seal pups are present and again let a dog lose.
I might add that 2 pups were reported in the paper.
The other is already dead, if this behaviour continues the other will be dead by Monday.
I have spoken to BDMLR to see if they can help.
My pictures were taken from a save distance with a zoom lens.

23-Sep-06, 19:39
I really hope it's mum comes back to it despite this lady standing so close to get a picture. That's the sad thing about this.... some people will do things, thinking they are helping the pup and not knowing the consequences it will have on the pups. :(

23-Sep-06, 19:59
no some people think they know it all and have absolutely no respest for nature, that kind of behaviour sickens me!!

23-Sep-06, 20:33
its unlikely the mum will come back after people getting so close to it. such a shame.

23-Sep-06, 20:47
I'm told by BDMLR that Paula (Tugmistress is on the case) with her medic team.
Hopefully we should get an up date later.


23-Sep-06, 20:53
I'm part of the medic team but have heard nothing yet......

23-Sep-06, 22:05
mum will come back if people are not around and they haven't touched it or the dogs haven't been mauling it .... seals have a dislike of dogs!
unfortunately i was out at this particular pup yesterday and it seems not to have fed between now and then as today it seemed a lot weaker. Arrangements are being made to collect and transfer this pup to Oban.
The dead pup on the beach is not the other one (that one is still alive as they have both been under observation this afternoon until about an hour ago when it got too dark) and i think it may be a pup washed over from stroma as they had started pupping before here hence the difference in size.
Unfortunately people don't realise or see these pups as they can be almost invisible unless you are eagle eyed!

footie chick
23-Sep-06, 22:20
Maybe they should put up signs as how many of these people photographed are locals? I read the paper this week but didn't notice any warnings:( Hope that the pup is okay

23-Sep-06, 22:27
well done on the wonderful job you are all doing :)

23-Sep-06, 22:33
A sign would be a good idea footiechick :)
anyone got any spare wood to make a post?
I can laminate an A4 sheet with a warning on it to go on the post :)

23-Sep-06, 22:39
I have a stab

23-Sep-06, 22:43
hello everyone, i was there observing th two young pups with another bdmlr medic and im sad to say the the younger off the tw desiced he/she would go into the water and as they cant swim it was being bashed up against rocks, i had t run down the side of the cliff with the other medic and catch the struggling seal pup :( we moved it further up the bech but he was intended on heading towrds the water again, eventually he laid down and went to sleep. hopefully it will be ok and if it is there tomorow it will be picked up aswell as far as im aware, both the pups have very little energy and where below the high tide line, hopefully they will have enough strength to keep moving up.

kaz xx

23-Sep-06, 22:53
Tugmistress, i have a few bits of wood too incase we need to make more signs. I'll speak to you about them tomorrow anyway.

23-Sep-06, 23:03
I think I recognise the beach but dont really want to identify it on here as that may encourage others to go out and be nosey. Is it used by pupping seals every year? If so some sort of signs would be a good idea at this time of year. Some folk are stupid and will pick up pups and take them to the sspca because they think they have been abandoned. However dog walkers and like the like would probally avoid the area if they new.

23-Sep-06, 23:20
Here are some of the adults (the black dots in the water) waiting to come ashore but were reluctant due to disturbance. This photo was taken while we were assessing the situation, so the neep and myself were only on the beach for a short time.

23-Sep-06, 23:23
if you need stabs or wood, let me know

23-Sep-06, 23:27
They are so beautiful and cute, but people have to remember they are wild animals, it is ignorance to be so rude and thoughtless to put the pups life in danger, but it makes me so angry and sad to think of that pups being killed needlessly in orkney, i really hope they catch the moron.

24-Sep-06, 22:59
To read end of story see hyperlink


24-Sep-06, 23:22
To read end of story see hyperlink

http://bdmlr-bbs.frontios.com/viewtopic.php?t=1671Do you have to register to find out what happened to them?

24-Sep-06, 23:34
No Connie,
the report i sent in is also on the front page of the BDMLR site here in the top right hand corner.


24-Sep-06, 23:46
No Connie,
the report i sent in is also on the front page of the BDMLR site here in the top right hand corner.

Well Done to all involved, you've done a great job!!

25-Sep-06, 13:13

If you go to www.bdmlr.org.uk and on the right hand side of page under Latest News - Theres the article called Caithness Grey Seal pups rescued.:Razz

25-Sep-06, 13:16
OOps... didnt realise there were more pages to thread!!

25-Sep-06, 15:00
I read the report - it was heartwarming to hear they had been rescued, but so devastating to hear that there were tracks circling the poor pup.

25-Sep-06, 17:13
Do you have to register to find out what happened to them?

I'm sure when any news comes through Paula will let us all know on the Org.


26-Sep-06, 02:19
just an update, the little one pictured by colin died this afternoon i have just found out.

26-Sep-06, 09:42
well at least you done your best to help all.

02-Dec-06, 21:55
There are still lots of Pups about.
I find them fascinating to watch when interacting with the mother.
Suckling Pup.
Mum patting junior with flipper.
I've seen this on numerous occasions, but still unsure of reason.
Pictures taken with zoom lens to avoid disturbance.