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03-Nov-04, 12:42
Would any1 recommend that JML CD cleaner scratch remover thingamy jig in woolies?

I have bought JML stuff b4 and it was rubbish

I got the car scratch remover and it didn't work

So i was just wondering if this cd thing worked

06-Nov-04, 20:53
I bought the JML pancake maker, and every pancake has been burnt.....maybe that's just my cooking though. I now have a silly pancake pan gathering dust at the back of a cupboard.
Can't help you with the scratch remover but JML is very cheap, and I think it's a case of you get what you pay for!

06-Nov-04, 21:20
I had a few CDs that wouldn't play due to scratches and saw Brasso recommended online to polish out scratches on CDs. I thought it was a windup but saw others saying the same so tried it as the CDs were headed for the bin anyway. Surprisingly it worked. It takes a fair bit of elbow grease and you need an non abrasive cloth. Worth a go if the CDs are on the way out. I used a Brasso type polish from Whatsits I think.

Afterwards I gave the CDs a clean with a mild water/detergent solution to get rid of residue then a good wipe with a dry cloth.

07-Nov-04, 22:45
Thanx Geo i will give that a try!!

I was going to buy the pancake pan, glad i never now

My daughter wants the jml sewing machine thats in woolies, so i bought it for her christmas, but i bet thats rubbish aswell, it shows someone sewing jeans but no doubt it'll break if u try and sew jeans!

Has anyone bought the sewing machine?

Is it any good?

23-Nov-04, 01:54
Nice one Geo! Sometimes the simple solutions are the best!
Often the only reason they are not well known is that nobody makes a fortune out of them! :eek:

28-Mar-05, 22:41
thanks for your imput geo! youre a star :)

01-Apr-05, 19:30
no doubt it'll break if u try and sew jeans!

I've broken a few needles on a Singer sewing machine trying to sew denim before now!

I wouldn't trust JML as far as I could throw a ton of their products!