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Billy Boy
23-Sep-06, 14:31
I have just been to thurso to see David Scott's documentary film & talk Detox Or Die.

It was a bit dissapointing to see such a small turnout, especially when it was about such a harrowing issue, I feel that with recent events in caithnes where people have been prosecuted for dealing in heroin that more people would of wanted to be more aware of the signs and problems that can occur in using such hard drugs because whether we like it or not it is coming up here.

The film was about David's own stuggle with heroin addiction and how he overcame it by using a test drug which could of killed him, ( sorry i cant remember the name of the drug)he had been using methodone but that was equally addictive and was just going from an illegal addiction to a legal one, it was a very moving documentary.

I know that it was David's own choice to start taking the drug but i have the utmost respect and admiration for him because he sought the help he needed and with the support of a loving family came out the other side.but most of all he wanted to change for himself

surely it would be benificial for David to do talks in the high schools and help to make the kids aware of the dangers, who else would be in a better position to tell them than someone who has lived through the hell of it.
He himself has been totally clean for over 3 years a big achievement for someone who took heroin for 20 years

David is also a genuine caring guy who is willing to take the time to talk to others about and aspects of this, i wish him all the sucess in his future film making.

Found This On The Caithness.Org Art Section

The event will comprise of a screening of the film (40 mins) and a Question and Answer (Q&A) session with the Caithness born filmmaker, David Graham Scott.
** WARNING!! This documentary contains several strong scenes of intraveneous drug use and would not be suitable for children under 15 and sensitive individuals.
**The film was broadcast on BBC1 in 2004 as part of the One Life documentary strand.

Here's a synopsis:
Detox or Die provides an in-depth portrait of a small-time drug addict seeking redemption. Addicted to opiates for almost 20 years, filmmaker David Graham Scott decides to opt for a quick fix. The radical detox agent Ibogaine puts the user into a gut-wrenching hallucinatory state for 36 hours from which he emerges cleansed of his addiction. But several fatalities have been reported in connection with this unlicensed drug and Scott must weigh up the options before embarking on the trip of a lifetime.
The film has great educational value and should be of interest to not only those working in the field of addiction but anyone with concerns in this area. It's a subject which is too rarely discussed in Caithness and this presents an opportunity to open things up to a stimulating debate.

Also being discussed is the film construction, how it got commissioned and other aspects of documentary filmmaking.

23-Sep-06, 14:51
whether we like it or not it is coming up here.


Not coming up here, is up here and has been long enough for it to be an entrenched problem.

23-Sep-06, 14:58
I too thought that this would have had a good turnout.
Sadly drugs are a problem in Caithness but I think a lot of people still think it will never happen to them, or in their family.
We need to have these discussions to make people more aware because it's very hard for people to understand when they've never been in that situation, and to realise that there is a real problem here in Caithness, and it's not going to go away by sweeping it under the carpet.
IMO this is something everyone wold benefit from watching.

Like you Mr and Mrs Billy By, I have a lot of respect for David and wish him well for the future. I'm sure he'll go a long way.

Billy Boy
23-Sep-06, 15:05
I believe that more should be done now to make youngsters and parents aware of the dangers of hard drugs, not after something goes wrong and some poor family has to suffer the consequence's.
I feel that a lot of people think, like connie said that it will never happen to them, my answer to that is why wont it happen to you.
Heroin isnt just a drug for the young its people of all ages that start to take it
mostly with dire consequences:(

23-Sep-06, 15:12

The video is here, I will watch it later. You will have to put your email in, but it is the full film.

Billy Boy
23-Sep-06, 15:13
its well worth watching

23-Sep-06, 15:29
This film was shown a few years ago on national television; maybe most folks saw it then.

There are also other programmes going on about the misuse of drugs, self-harm etc. I attended one a couple of days ago in Thurso High School. It consisted of a play with actors from Eden Court, an introduction by an ex-selfharmer who told his story ending with saying how he is happily married now.

There was interaction and contributions by the young people who all showed a very mature reaction to the play and willingly gave feedback when asked.

There were no holds barred; nothing left to the imagination and, with the pupils input, there was various improvised endings to the play.

It brought out a lot of fears that young people may have, not only about their own problems but recognising it in others as well. The play will give them the vision to do their best to help a friend in need of it and the courage to seek help if they need it themselves.

23-Sep-06, 15:35
Here's the link......:D (http://www.becomewhole.co.uk/media_detoxordie76399.htm)

23-Sep-06, 15:51
Another quite interesting link