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22-Sep-06, 22:07

This was taken a few days ago aproximately 2.30pm Dunnet Head, standing in the open outside the keepers cottages.Now just what did we capture?

22-Sep-06, 22:48
Ye better be careful putting pictures like that on the internet Lizz. I remember a few years back some guy burnt his toast in the morning and the image of jesus was clearly shown on the bread. Various pilgrims travelled from all corners of the universe to see the phenomenon.:)

23-Sep-06, 01:01
I think it's a Gremlin on an elephant.

23-Sep-06, 01:14
Yes that did cross our minds but if the person holding the camera had a cigarette in their hand then when holding the camera with both hands to take the shot, the hand would be above the lens and the viewfinder so the smoke would not be visible within the shot.It was a completely also a completely calm day.
At that particuliar time there was no one else even standing by my husband the other two of us being inside the building.
Will try a few experiments to see if we can get a similar effect over the weekend.

23-Sep-06, 01:25
I think it's a Gremlin on an elephant.Ha ha I see that too. Fools seldom think alike and all that...........

It's a big gremlin on a wee elephant. No, it's a hobbit. It's gollum lol

23-Sep-06, 01:32
Gleber2 had better watch out, the elephants are coming to get him lol!!! [para]

23-Sep-06, 01:45
Elephants ridden by gollums. His worst nightmare.

26-Sep-06, 09:15
Top right hand side same day......spot the Alien! :cool: http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g19/Mitzy333/paul_sorina1099.jpgI can see an alien, he's got a big eye and his little boney arm is sticking out and he's pointing at something

26-Sep-06, 11:58
Elephants ridden by gollums. His worst nightmare.

I like elephants and I have no fear of Gollum. Bring it on.
It is obviously the manifestation of an Aztec beaked God.I have been fooling around with herbs used by the Aztecs and it's obvious that I have called up an outre spirit from the afterlife.
I really have no idea what caused this photographic aberation but I like it.

27-Sep-06, 10:56
G'day Lizz,when I look at your photo I see a lady laying back in the arms of a great oger wont let anyone spoil the dream of mytholiogy,keep looking Robin