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20-Jun-11, 17:41
Slightly down but some drivers still taking a risk

ELEVEN people have been reported for drink driving offences at the end of week two of the ACPOS-led Safer Summer drink-drive campaign.
That's three down on the same figure for last year, but police say that too many people are still willing to take the risk.
Almost half of the drink drivers detected during week two of the campaign were reported by friends, family or members of the public.
The Safer Summer campaign ended today, but police have vowed to keep the heat on those still willing to risk their own and the lives of others by drink or drug driving. Four drug drivers were caught during this year's campaign, which began in the second week of June.
Force Road Safety Officer, Laura Fisher, said: "With almost half of those caught during the second week of the campaign having been reported by a member of the public, people who drink and drive should be more aware than ever that they will be caught. There is also a very good chance that drink/drug drivers will end up spending time in jail, which is massively damaging to their careers and family lives."
If people choose to drink and drive, travelling to or from the many events across the Force area this summer, it could lead to a court conviction which will stay on their licence for 11 years and a criminal record that can remain for 20 years, loss of their licence with an automatic 12 months ban and a fine of up to 5000.
The initiative targeting repeat drink drivers, the Vehicle Forfeiture Scheme, is ongoing and members of the public are reminded should they get caught drink or drug driving for a second time then the court may seize their vehicle and it will either be sold or destroyed.
Police would also like to thank the public for their continued support throughout the year by reporting suspected drink drivers. The Force would urge people to continue to contact them, regardless of whether or not they know or are related to the suspect.
The campaign was designed to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads of the Highlands and Islands at a time of year when there are higher levels of traffic than normal.
The public are also reminded that driving the morning after drinking can still result in your arrest as you may still be over the legal limit. Enforcement activity will continue throughout the year to assist in keeping our roads safer.